Wednesday, March 30, 2011

P dawg- Senior pictures

Senior Pictures.
He is kind of a natural model.
This is one of my favorite shoots.
He keeps things interesting!

diagon alley!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Seattle

Well hello there!
It's been a while. Again.
Buuuuut good news! I have some new pictures from my trip to Seattle, which, not to be cocky, I think are
rich in awesomeness.
I tried to use my right brain a lot, and take different shots!
I absolutely LOVED it in Washington .It's sooo green and beautiful!
So here are SOME of the pics I took, hopefully I'll remember to put more up!
this little fella was just playin his little heart out on the corner of Pike!

I am sooo a fan of her, and this. I love how you can clearly read, "Be the Change". It adds a little somethin somethin to the picture, wouldn't you say?

Cynthia and her HAWT glasses. ha. John Lennon much? love her.

and of course. the classic space needle picture.


Wind is sometimes a wonderful thing! Lala in all her beauty at the top of the needle

Ahhh beautiful Seattle!

Even moooore beautiful! Seriously I loooove this.