Friday, September 30, 2011

A very potter photoshoot!

This was a super wonderful shoot of my BFF and sister Emily, and her fiance Micah.
These people love their Harry Potter. so naturally. read-a-thon.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"You make my dreams come true" -MV homecoming 2011

Would you like to know something remarkable? This group was ON TIME. Every single one of them strolled in ON TIME. and. There was a girl all the way from Salem Hills. I was seriously SO happy with them, and impressed! (thanks to Jacqui's threatening. that $5 charge really gets em' there:) 
I had quite the scare with this one. I get home, and put them on my computer... and what is this? The random memory card that I had was a DUD. I panicked, and called the nearest computer genius, and he spent an hour anda half working on it, and got my pictures back!! Again I say, those Navasards are wonderful.
Have fun lookin' at these pictures of this beeeautiful group! 
(if you are interested in having dance pictures done by me, notice the nifty captions on the pictures for prints!) enjoy!

Alyssa's dad specifically asked for single pictures... hahaha

darn  blurry

I always wish I could make a weird face and still look good!