Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thank you 2012

I am truly blessed with absolutely awesome friends, family, and neighbors who support me in what I do. I am no professional, and for now, I don't plan on becoming professional by anyone's standards but my own. I'm just  my own kind of professional. ya know? In my mind, I'm good enough. and I'm incredibly happy with how far this talent I've been blessed with has come.
It warms my little heart when people call me again. And I get GIDDY when I see my photos used for announcements or displayed.
I've had killer photo shoots, and those humbling photo shoots where it hasn't been so easy.
Thank you all!! It has been a GREAT year.

here are just a FEW of the lovely photo shoots of 2012. Here's to the big 13!

 fun fact... same kid! haha

Mischief Managed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

C. Ruffin Navasard, 6 months

How cool is that name? sounds all sophisticated. Ok ok, it's Crew. his name is Crew, and it's completely ok if you want to just pick a picture and stare at it for hours.