Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elder Correa

 This handsome fellow here, is my good friend Pedro. We've been pretty-much-siblings since 8th grade. We fight like siblings, but it never gets in the way completely! ha.
He is a great kid, and I am SO proud of him for making the choice to serve the Lord! Las Vegas is one lucky city to have him!

 one of many bloopers

 picture-taker's favorite

 the below one is him laughing at me telling him about the above one. Magnum.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I was watching Macey and Miles last week, and I couldn't resist taking some pictures. 
These kids are basically family. They are my go-to models, and they are great at letting me capture what I love. Which is just every day moments, like drawing with chalk or interpretive dancing ;)

That macey has got some MOVES! 
OK I'll stop talking now.

 Miles LOVES Samson. He calls him Wolf, which has become a regular nickname for Samson. it fits.

 sweet moves. 

Don't you wish you got to hang out with these rad kids? and that isn't even the whole gang ;)