Hey... Thanks for being here!
I have some basic rules, and facts about the photoshoot on which you may choose to embark.
Please read through this prior to your photo shoot, so you understand how this all works!

-Contact me via email, text, or call (head over to the "Contact me" page)
-I don't love short notice photoshoots, so if you absolutely need the shoot in less than a week(and if it works out with my schedule) that will bump up the price $10. Please try and schedule at least a week ahead of time!

Location_ We meet at a location (picked by you, or me. usually me but it does not matter)
a. If the location is farther than PG, or  Provo, that will be  15 extra dollars.
b. How to deal with more than one location
-If the locations are within a mile (roughly) of eachother: $0 extra
-If the locations are more than 2 miles apart, $10 extra
Usually for family pictures one location is best, but whatever your heart desires!

How will you get the pictures?
-I will edit 30-150 of the best pictures. The quantity depends on the type of photoshoot.
I will deliver a CD to your home.

When will I get my pictures?
-on average, it takes me about two weeks to edit your shoot.

-I require payment up front. Cash or check, it doesn't matter to me! (check made out to Holly Robinson)

>Tardiness and stuff:
****1. Punctuality:
I understand that people are not perfect. Things happen, that will make you late.
But I am not just a photographer, and I do have a social/family/other life.
I try to be a patient person, but  looking through my wallet, cleaning out my car, and reading through my texts is only good for so long.
SO, the first 15 minutes of lateness are free. But then every other 15 minutes that you are late, you will be charged $5 extra.
Please understand this, so that when I bring it up upon your tardiness, it is not completely awkward :)
... thats basically it!

Thanks for reading!