Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year, folks!

Well gooooodbye 2011! helloooo big 12!
I am just reeeally lovin my fans, as I think and look back on photoshoots I've done, and the comments I get. Really though, those keep me goin.

I started out 2 years ago as an amateur photographer, and with each stressful, fun, cute, lovely, and exciting photoshoot I've done, I have grown into an... amateur photographer.
and I'm proud of the progress I've made!

I could NOT do this photography thang without the advice I get from my family and friends, and even photographers who are willing to share their tips with me sometimes!

For about two years, I have been keeping track of every photoshoot I have done in my planner.
These photoshoots have been from assisting, to free shoots, to experimenting, to actual paying.
Some may think I'd be disappointed that I didn't quite hit the 200. but I'm not. not one bit!

In 2012, I will:
1. Use more props in every shoot, to add spice to the pictures.
2. hit 300 fans
3. Complete these 5 Items on my photoshoot bucket list:
  • Ballerina photoshoot
  • Completely Vintage
  • Child + Bubbles
  • Clothes Line
  • Amusement park (Summerfest will have to do:)
4. Learn more, mentor, and back up shoot, so that I can some day add weddings to my pricing page.
5. Take time with every photoshoot. put forth more effort, and make it more personal.

and that is that. these are doable goals, indeed!
and it will be a HAPPY NEW YEAR indeed!

Thank you all for being AWESOME!
Happy happy new year!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tripp Meranda, 6 Months!

Ok, here it is guys.
This photoshoot is most likely one of my top ten favorites. heck, maybe even top five.
My mom says it's the best I've ever done.
When I showed my sisters, there were a lot of "oh my GOSH"'s, gasps, and "awwwww!!!"s
so here is our little Tripp!
(I promise you'll enjoy this more in slideshow mode. - click on the first picture to get that rollin')

His dad's boots. (Marine Corp)


second favorite

apparently not his favorite food.

one of the best I've ever taken, I believe.
I didn't have a chance to watermark these before posting them, but I don't even care!!
This little dude is ALL BOY. This shoot was sooo fun to edit :)