Here's how pricing goes:
Session with you just being my shadow, no camera : $25
Session with your camera: $40 (15 extra)
Session with my editing process: $10 extra  (IE, if you wanted to shadow a shoot with no camera, but wanted the editing process part too, it'd be $35)
kapeesh? (also, I use Lightroom)

And here's how the rest of the shoot will go:
You will come to my home, and we'll drive to the shoot. (In most cases. there may be times where I'll ask you to meet me at the location)
I'll start doing my thing, and I'll tell you what I'm doing as I'm doing it. (important techniques, angles, technical camera stuff)
If you purchased the editing part, we'll go back to my house and we'll sit down and start editing. You won't stay there while I'm editing the whole shoot. I'll just edit a couple photos and walk you through it. I use Lightroom 3, not photoshop or anything fancy, except for a few special cases.

IF you choose to shoot along with me, you can take your pictures home and edit them however you want, but I will only allow 30 pictures to go online (blog, facebook, whatever you're using) and you must copy and paste a link to my "h Rob photography" facebook page or blog.

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