Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tyler Baird & Family

 I've always kinda wanted to do an in-home photo shoot like this, so I was so happy when Emily asked if I could! I love the Bairds, and I love every shoot I do with them!
This one was mainly for welcoming this sweet baby Tyler to the family. they did a pretty solid job of that!

My main goal with any photo shoot, is to capture the people and their real personalities. Of course you need some normal ones, but I'm a huge fan of capturing people in their element. whether it be laughing at each other, or running away from the camera.
This completely allowed me to capture them where they are themselves; in the home!

Alissa | Senior Pictures

 This is the lovely Alissa Russell! As part of my goal to not use the same location for 2 seniors this spring, I buckled down and tried out Lehi Main street! Probably SOOO over-used up in that area, but it was my first time there and I loved it!

Sister Brown | mission pictures

This pretty thing is headed off to Brazil tomorrow to do some life-changing!
we decided to add a vintage twist to some of her pictures :) it's easy when she has actual antique dresses. sheesh, she's cool.


 aaaand of course we broke out the love letters :)

 (these were not posed)