Sessions I offer: newborns, families, portraits, birthday parties, children, groups, and missionaries
I do not do: maternity or weddings

You will receive a CD of 40+ edited photos
Photos are given 2-3 weeks after the session, for a rush on your photos, it is $25 extra

4-6 people, $75
7-10 people, $85
10-13 people, $95
For large families (you know, familes with families) contact me!

Portraits: $75 (missionaries: $50)

Couples: $75

Newborns: $65

Children: $65

Parties: $35 per hour

for any questions or inquiries about another type of photo shoot, contact me!

For scheduling,
Call/text: 801-691-6630
Email: h.therob@gmail.com
(you can write on my wall)
Please use one of these handy little approaches! 

I consider myself the least awkward texter of all time, so please feel free!