Thursday, April 4, 2013

Seniors, seniors, calling all seniors!

HELLO! It's been quite some time since I've written over here. lots of lovely things happening.
Ivy is now 2 months old! go her!

Now here's the skinny.
If you haven't heard, I am now whippin' up some graduation announcements.

Photo shoot = $65
Photo shoot + announcement = $80
Announcement along = $25

With the photo shoot you'll get 2 outfit changes, an hour of shooting (plenty, but if it does go over I don't care and I won't charge you more), and you'll get a CD of 40+ photos
With the announcement, you'll tell me what style you want, (examples below) 5 colors, and what you want it to say. I am a FAN of putting a "senior quote" on the announcement, so keep that in mind!

Oh! also, if you are interested in a photo shoot, or the little package, and you refer a friend (and it actually comes through), you'll get $10 off.

I'm so excited for the family and senior photos I have coming up this beautiful spring! Always up for more :)

(ps. most of these people have graduated, and some have not. these are ALLLL just made-up examples. nothing official here)

There you have it! I can go bold, or simple. colorful, or mellow.
your wish is my command.