Saturday, January 29, 2011

Absence makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Ok I'm terrible.
but maybe I'm not, because maayyyybe no one looks at this here blog.
If this is the case lately, it's probably because I have not made a new post for like, 2 months.
Sorry sorry sorry!
The honest truth?
I have not had any photoshoots except a preference one.
But I have been experimenting! So. I will now show you a gathering of experimental pictures, a dance group, a sick basketball picture, and... that is all.

Now to explain this first bunch of pictures...
one word: Winter.
Butt cold outside, and dark at 5:30.
So what did we do? UNIVERSITY MALL! I, myself thought it was crazy, but it was basically the only option, and I think it worked out quite magically!
ugly paintings and all :)

one of my very favorites.

Had to have one!

Improvisation say WHAT?

 For the basketball one...
truthfully, I took this and thought it was a little bit cool, so I posted it on my wall, (where people actually look, as opposed to my regular h Rob photog group on facebook) and I got lots of good juicy feedback! 
and you should know... I edited 2 people out of this photo! 
 Best for last...
Ok of course it is mace face. 
So paul, who is kelsey's husband, who are the parents of the famous Macey and Miles, taught me a little bit about the magic of the GRADIENT TOOL on photoshop. 
If you are an experience photoshopper, do not judge me! 
But I had some fun with it last night, and I looooved how this picture turned out! especially the little splash of yellow on the left side.