Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ivy Girl

 This is my new favorite human being. She's my first niece, and I LOVE being her aunt! boy is it fun, and she's only 3 weeks old. The child is an incredibly chill baby. She honestly only fussed once during this two hour photo shoot. Not to mention... a dang photogenic thing for a newborn!
And now I give you 30 out of the 126 pictures I edited, of Ivy Jo Richards.

 the girl loves her hands.

 she knows.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elder Lee

One time, I went with my mom to pick my sister up from her best friend's house when she was in high school.
A boy about my age answered the door, and he reminded me of Beans on Even Stevens. (DON'T ask me why, cause Beans was scary lookin', and boy Sean Lee is NOT scary lookin'. far from it)
anyways. I just gave the ending of my story away. but we later in life became good friends! (I'll spare you the details of the classic awkward pre-high school "relationship" he had goin' with my best friend Jessy. hahahahahahaha)
And he has been called so serve in the NY, NY South. So exciting!
I was really excited to do his mission photoshoot, cause he is way fun to take pictures of. (he hates them but he hides it very well)