Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bondehagen Wedding - - - Part 1

Now, now folks, keep in mind! I don't do weddings.
This was the exception to the rule, and I did love every minute!
Natalie grew up across the street from me, her family is family to me. so it made this day extraaaa spesh and a BLAST!
I'm splitting this into two parts, temple & dinner (which was in place of the reception. smarties)

 (I got so many random shots of Nat cause she was looking FINE)

Part 2 comin' atcha soon!

Jack- 1 year

welllll look at me! miss slacker over here!
been so busy with getting my Etsy shop going, and graphic designeeful shiz, I have completely neglected this neck of the woods!

Here are a few shoots to make up.

first we have Jack's 1st birthday. I absolutely LOVED this! cheers to mama's who put hard work into adorable party themes.